Team Supporter

How does team supporter work?

How then?

Are you looking to reinvigorate the team or take the next development step? Are you becoming more self-directed as a team?

Wherever your team currently stands, we are here to take you to the next level. The Team Supporter is the ideal first step of your development as a team and organization.

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Software as support

How to

The Teamscan, the advisory report interactive Dashboards for teams and organization and the toolbox gives you all the support you need for insight, your direction of your development and progress. In addition, there are many practical tips on how to shape your development.

The Team Scan

The Team Scan is an online questionnaire that is intuitive to complete with a slide and thus takes about 10 minutes to complete. It is complete, full of in-depth themes on effective and constructive collaboration.

The advisory report

The results of the Team Scan are compiled and explained in a comprehensive team report that everyone receives. A complete report, full of insights and full of starting points to work on as a team.

The Team Dashboard

The results are visible in your own Team Dashboard. You can click through on themes or results that are particularly interesting or relevant to you. Ideal for regularly checking and working with.

The Organization Dashboard

With the Organization Dashboard you have the results of all teams in one overview, but you can also zoom in on results of individual teams or clusters of teams or departments. In this way, you can offer organization-wide support or very targeted customization for specific teams.

The Toolbox

To support your team in the development of the various themes, the Toolbox, with handy tips, and working forms for each theme, is the ideal digital coach.

Coaching & Training

If you want to be coached as a team or be supported as a team coach, we also have extensive options for this.
Customized individual coaching, or complete (team) coaching courses.

Team supporter is for anyone who wants to move forward with a team!

For whom
HR Managers
Support teams and keep track of development
Team Leaders
Set the direction with your team and get tangible guidance
Team coaches
Use the inspiring toolbox and measure concrete progress

And of course for all team members!