Team Supporter

Thieu Smeets, Director of Public Health a.i. & Director of Ambulance Services (RAV), talks about how GGD Brabant-Zuidoost set out on the road to health gains through self-organization.

The ambition

We want to provide equal health opportunities for every resident, with extra attention to the most vulnerable. To achieve this, we have chosen to develop self-organizing teams within the organization. At GGD Brabant-Zuidoost, it is expected that employees in self-organizing teams will have more space to have a social impact and that, through close cooperation, they will have a more positive influence on the quality of services. An essential principle in our process of self-organization is that the role of the manager is retained.
Date: February 2024
Client: GGD Brabant Zuidoost
Location: Eindhoven

The solution

To improve cooperation between employees in teams, we have deployed the Team Supporter measurement tool. This tool (a team scan) helps track the stage of team development and the degree of self-organization over several years. The measurement tool, which was initially used as a baseline measurement in all of our 55 teams, evaluates the degree of self-organization and team development based on 7 themes (both in the upper and lower stream). It is based on models such as Lencioni's pyramid and the team development phases of Tuckman, Wales and Remmerswaal.

Based on the results, teams can see whether they are in the beginning phase, growth phase, maturity phase or professional self-organization phase. It also provides insight into strengths and areas of development at both the team and organizational levels. By continuously measuring the developments within the teams and regularly discussing this with the teams, it offers a valuable contribution to our organization.

Measurements are taken every six months to track growth within the organization and identify areas where further development or support is needed.

The result

We are currently in the third measurement and see that several teams have progressed from stage 2 (growth stage) to stage 3 (maturity stage), also identifying specific areas of growth and sharing these successes.

The insight we needed for our organization!

We are very enthusiastic about this supporting tool and certainly recommend it for securing initiated change processes. After all, measuring is knowing!
Thieu Smeets
Director GGD Brabant-Zuidoost


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