Team Supporter

Practice what you preach

Our values

We truly believe in the development you can make as a person, team and organization when you are intentional about why you do something, how you do something and most importantly how you work together toward your own and common goals. When you work with or with us, you notice the difference.

Together you achieve more

It's very simple. you have more together more ideas, more resolution, more energy, more fun and therefore more results.

A healthy atmosphere is essential

A toxic atmosphere is disastrous for a team. Moreover, collaboration starts with trust, the feeling that it will benefit the team and you.

Learning, making mistakes and growing very fast

Consciously manage your development. Celebrate what goes well, learn from what goes wrong and always see what can be improved. This gives energy and even more results.

Always give gifts to the client, yourself and your team

Exceed expectations. Together, you constantly surprise clients and your colleagues with new insights, results and support.


We are currently looking for

Work Location: Online / At customer site

We are looking for a driven and independent team coach to join our growing team as a freelancer. As a team coach, you will use Team Supporter, a powerful support software, to make long-term connections with clients. You have the freedom to find and mentor clients independently, while Team Supporter provides you with training and the opportunity to sometimes deploy free scans to large potential clients. This role offers not only the opportunity to further develop your coaching skills, but also to benefit from a portion of the revenue generated by your mentored clients at Team Supporter. As a team coach, you play a critical role in the success of both clients and Team Supporter, combining autonomy, support and rewards for a fulfilling professional experience. Join our team and help organizations thrive through effective leadership and team development!

What do we ask?

What do we offer?

Work Location: Online / At customer site

We are looking for a passionate Organization Developer to bring the power of Team Supporter to clients looking to optimize their teams. This role includes serving as an account manager, program manager and coach for organizations seeking lasting change, such as the implementation of self-directed or self-organizing teams. The developer will not only maintain existing client relationships, but also attract new clients seeking effective team development. In addition, the developer plays a crucial role in the continuous improvement and development of Team Supporter in close collaboration with clients. As a key figure in the transformation of organizations, the Developer will have the opportunity to contribute to sustainable change and growth while leveraging the full potential of Team Supporter.

What do we ask?

What do we offer?

Work Location: Online / At customers / Abroad

We are looking for an internationally oriented and entrepreneurial Team Coach who is excited to further introduce Team Supporter abroad. The tool is currently available in Dutch and English, but with the possibility of rapid translation to other languages. As a Team Coach you can act as a bridge between foreign team coaches or team coaching agencies and Team Supporter. There is also the possibility to be active abroad yourself. Interactions with clients are mainly digital, but there may be situations where live support or sales are required.

You will have the freedom to lead the foreign division independently, with full support from Team Supporter to ensure the success of this international expansion. A unique opportunity for an entrepreneurial professional to contribute to Team Supporter's global growth.

What do we ask?

What do we offer?