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Our Vision

How do we see the world

Good teamwork is about:

That seems simpler than it is. Actually, it requires continuously and in every situation juggling what feels good, does good and is good for all team members. That's quite a challenge, which is why collaboration is so complex and requires constant work and development.

So teamwork is never finished, you have to keep working on that.

Our Mission

What do we want

Team Supporter provides the best support for teams and organizations that want to be the best they can be.

We do this with the best online tools and proven knowledge and experience.

Practice what you preach

Our values

We truly believe in the development you can make as a person, team and organization when you are intentional about why you do something, how you do something and most importantly how you work together toward your own and common goals.

Working together in conjunction with collaboration is the greatest thing.

When you work with us, you notice the difference.

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Our clients

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In practice

Case study - GGD

We can tell about ourselves, but our clients can do much better.
GGD Brabant Zuidoost had a great challenge and ambition to develop self-organizing teams within the organization. Read here how the GGD took up this challenge together with Team Supporter and continues to develop it.

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It was never that complete

Why Team Supporter?

In the years as team coaches, managers, directors, innovators, we have used many models, courses and ideas from others. Always re-inspired. 

Yet something was missing. A complete set. And when in 2020 we were no longer allowed to work in groups because of Corona, the time was there to combine everything and build something that wasn't there yet.
A complete tool for every team and organization, independent of the availability of a coach.

Knowledge in practice

Years of experience in managing, guiding and developing teams. In small and large organization, Profit and Non-profit. This is how we built the following experience:

Theoretical framework

In addition to practical experience, Teamsupporter also has a theoretical basis. In practice and in training, it is also frequently applied.


Patrick Lencioni, in his book "The Five Frustrations of Teamwork," describes the essence of team collaboration.

Team levels/phases

Schuts and Tuckman look from the group's point of view. Bion and Miles look from the individual. Caple and Remmerswaal combine the above approaches.


This model is consistent with Csikszentmihályi's flow principle. Teams can also get into flow.

Agile / Lean

Both methods promote continuous improvement, teamwork and customer focus. All necessary in developing teams and delivering performance

Innovation Power

To turn knowledge and ideas into tangible tools also requires something else: Innovation power. We have built more in recent years besides Team Supporter, and this experience is also reflected in Team Supporter. Among other things, we built the following tools: